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    Sisu boss Joy Seppala rejects council offer to play at Ricoh Arena rent-free

    If the JR goes against CCC ACL will be finished how much more of Coventry's tax payers money is gonna go on bailing out that stadium
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    The bigger picture...

    Peolke are staying away because coventry should be playing in coventry it's nothing to do money yesterday should surley show that 7k at an away game...just get us back at the Ricoh SHARPISH !!!
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    phone in

    Thought they didn't need our negativity lol
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    Newcastle after Wilson

    I'm sure Gael will advice him against the move but then again money does talk but I think he has more About him that Gael does
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    Can't wait for the day their relegated northern Muppets no chance staying up with that joke of a squad !!!
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    Fair play to the lad he seems a totally different player from last season been very impressed with him.SP seems to be getting the best out if him.A Scotland call cannot be far away.
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    Stadium plans

    bullshit !!!
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    on sky sports now

    SISU are FLAPPING !!! Not One Penny More
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    Brentford Match Thread

    What's happened to all you "proper fans" moaning and groaning at the game ???
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    Callum Wilson ready to sign new deal with Coventry City

    He's bit talking Bull fella he is just being realistic
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    Ben Turner for England

    Haha not a chance
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    JS at Ryton yesterday

    Seems pretty genuine to me,"one in very soon" I hope is a defender
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    Why did we lose?

    "Why did we lose" Are you really that bored to start a thread askig that !!!