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    Jay Simpson

    Hopefully signing today then.
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    You don't know what you're missing!

    Agree completely. I hate SISU and always will but the team on the pitch is what I pay to see. Not felt this optimistic for a long time. Can't wait for Bury on Saturday, they're right in the mix with us and although a point would be good, I feel we'll grab all 3. PUSB!
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    Breaking- club statement

    That's the part that really got to me. I'm pretty sure that the majority of fans would welcome an investigation into the affairs of these corrupt idiots that are destroying our club.
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    Guy on twitter claims to have a reply from league confirming Otium have been rejected

    Lets keep everything crossed and hope that this is true. It's not over until Susan Boyle sings.
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    Enough is enough

    Are you for real? Another delusional person that thinks it would be a stadium owned by CCFC. It would be a sisu owned stadium and the team wouldn't see any of its income. In the years that it takes to build do you honestly believe sisu can sustain the business with next to zero income? You're...
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    just been said on CWR

    No its not. This is for final offers.
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    City 7/1 to be relegated

    Would be like playing away every week which last season we did well. It's the season after next that I would worry more about.
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    Sisu back in full control and us out of admin by Tuesday?

    "Tuesdays creditors meeting" David Brent has this wrong for a start so I'm hoping the rest of his post is rubbish too.
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    West Midland Grounds ?

    TF was also adamant that we were debt free and that turned out to be bull s**t too.
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    haskell ups his game

    Where has this been reported? Thought the deadline had been extended until 14th june. I hope something is sorted sooner rather than later, I am fed up of worrying about off the field antics now.
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    GOD loves the CITY

    Of course.
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    GOD loves the CITY

    Hahaha you just made my morning and I actually did LOL. It was only a matter of time before religion appeared on this forum. I would much rather deal with fact than fiction though. In the bible it states Noah lived to be 950 years old. Yeah right. It's old school fantasy and no different to...
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    Irony - West Ham

    £60 a year from sky? Thats terrible. I give sky more than that per month haha.
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    Favourite ccfc xi

    Oggy Keogh Konjic Killer Fox Ndlovu Mccallister Hadji Dion Huckerby McGoldrick
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    How to improve our home record?

    30,000 fans at the Crewe jpt game. Did the team respond? Take our chances and thats how we will improve our home record.