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    Luciano Becchio on trial

    Agreed. It's a bit of a gamble, but I've always liked him and if it comes off....
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    Offal gaffs

    It's shite like this that pisses me off the most; they're supposed to be a professional outlet covering the City's sports teams and they can't even keep up to date with little things like this. Let alone scraping scoops off this site and basically posting them as "news" verbatim.
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    Petition SISU to sell the club

    Ooh, now this could get some movement. I do find it weird how it's exploded all of a sudden; like we've all wanted rid of SISU for years now. I just hope there's someone in the wings waiting...
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    Blackpool Away 12 March

    Bout 20 of us going down for the weekend. :)
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    Singers corner

    Jesus got a life ban for going on the pitch few years back ahha
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    Elson hooi in talks?

    Please, please don't be another Ellery Cairo.
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    Quality Celtic song

    Yeah, it came from the Nuneaton game. There was a steward with Rasta hair. You can figure out the rest.
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    A message to disillusioned parents!

    I think it was against Crewe at about 70 minutes they scored to take the lead and I just flipped, walked out (left my Dad there who was driving us) and walked the 5 miles home fucking seething. None of that this year!
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    A message to disillusioned parents!

    It's been a great season this year, you can see people ACTUALLY ENJOYING being at the Ricoh now :'). Last year I was just going through the motions, didn't miss a home game but some mornings (specially with a hangover) there were "oh fuck not again moments" But this year, I'm like a kid at...
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    Northampton Town FC - SAVETHECOBBLERS

    You sure about it being good with Torquay? Have kept an eye on them over the years as my sister is a fan, (don't ask.) and they seem in total bloody freefall. They had to scrap all their youth squads and release the players, they're really in the shit. Would be surprised to see them existing...
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    club shop arena park

    Meow!!! Agree with the statement about those who can buy online should, I've never had an issue with the online shop really. Buy early, get 'em delivered to the house, rest easy knowing I can just go down the pub before the game :D.
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    A message to disillusioned parents!

    I know its always been a major thing to my Dad that I'm as mad for it as he is. Does a good line in brainwashing and bullshit does Pops.
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    Additional Security Checks on Saturday - Get There Early!

    Och, you leave the Eagles of Death Metal alone! (Do see your point though). I guess the inherent point of this is that terror can strike anywhere, I just find it HIGHLY unlikely when we're on heightened security alert, they'd choose a City game... And then the flip side is, when you think...
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    Gillingham (Home) Match Thread

    Nah man, the amount of times I've bought 'em at work and send the old boy up to collect. Just send the pay ref you get in the email and your customer ref, long as they know your name and address too you're golden.
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    Additional Security Checks on Saturday - Get There Early!

    As posted on other thread: Really? Security checks? Come on... I'm not a budding devotee of terror by any stretch of the imagination, but I'm sure I'd be aiming for something other than the Coventry vs Gills match to strike fear into the Western infidel..