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    Match Thread Blackburn

    Why does Martin Winch keep going on about "man buns"? It's like he is commentating on gay porn not a football match. Bring back Clive!
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    I was thinking the same thing when I read the OP. If there's any particular striker you don't like then just ignore the games in which he scores hat-tricks because they don't count.
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    Sunderland fans crying "again"

    Fair enough, but "your lot" and "your match day thread"? You seem to be under the impression I am a Sunderland fan. I'm not. I'm merely enquiring as a Coventry fan why so many of our fans obsessively trawl through the Sunderland fans forum so they can find threads to post on our forum and can...
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    Sunderland fans crying "again"

    It's slightly ironic that you post about the obsession some Sunderland fans have with Coventry City after you have just trawled through the Sunderland fans forum to satisfy your own obsession with Sunderland.
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    Player ratings

    Max Biamou didn't score the goal. It was Sam McCallum. Not sure why you have credited Max with a goal in your ratings?
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    Very Cool Scandinavian Supporters Flag/Badge

    Completely agree. I think there's a good chance we are like a second team for this guy to support when he visits England and could well have a local team he watches most other weekends.
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    Transfer Rumour Bullshit/legit Rumours Jan 2020

    ....and the bar for pathetic journalism is set pretty high when it comes to Coventry Live.
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    Very Cool Scandinavian Supporters Flag/Badge

    Yes.......and he's naked!!!!!
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    Standing up at away games

    Really? So they tell your lad off for standing on a seat, but not the people standing up in front of him and blocking his view. I wish stewards would just show a bit of common sense at times and not worry about some kid standing on a seat to watch the game.
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    4th round tie.

    I'm willing to step in and say it's not a completely daft question. In fact I think the first half should be held at St Andrews on the Saturday, the second half at Ricoh Arena on the Sunday......and if we need a replay, let's have it at a neutral ground like Wembley Stadium. Then if it goes to a...
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    Strange performance from Matt Godden today. He seemed to lack that clinical finishing that we have seen recently. Like you say, after scoring back to back hat-tricks, you would really fancy him to score in that one on one against their keeper. It was almost as if he had too much time to think...
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    Matty godden

    Good early post about Matt Godden's potential and he definitely has looked the business in the last couple of games. But the bit you wrote about Jordy Hiwula, Wesley Jobello and Gervane Kastaneer all feeding off Godden's flick one???!!!! Do you still think that's going to happen given the...
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    No planned incoming activity

    Agreed. In the long term we should probably try to get rid, but in the short term, he works as a Plan B to stick on in the last 20 minutes if you're 1-0 down and looking to hoof it upfield for a big target man. I have also noticed this season the good defensive work he does when defending...
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    Doing the football league 92 with Cov

    I saw our own fans fighting each other at Forest Green and Cheltenham away in the 2017-18 season. Also saw home fans fighting each other back in 2006 at the Ricoh Arena. I think it was against Brighton.
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    No planned incoming activity

    Who is Dago? He sounds like the Russian boxer who beat Apollo Creed in Rocky 4.