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    Nice Plate of Fish and Chips, or Keeping 11 on the Pitch vs Forest

    Thank you. All fine. I cannot think how these two are related at all. It's almost as if you were taking the piss out of a similar asinine thread.
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    What's your political compass?

    I remember thinking at the time, that although I didn't think that much of the EU I would never vote for a single-issue party... and suspected it was possibly that they just didn't like foreigners. I don't think Tony's mind works on the same plane as mine though.
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    What's your political compass?

    Listen up, @Grendel , you're being lessoned by the most formidable intellect in political science this country has ever known.
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    What's your political compass?

    I'm not surprised that mine is very liberal - because I believe passionately in the rights of the individual. But I'm always surprised that I always end up just one square into the Right. I believe just as firmly in the piss poor performance of the state and that free markets always deliver...
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    What's your political compass?

    Bollocks isn't it?
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    What's your political compass?

    Be more specific, please. - Do you agree that state-funded healthcare free at the point of use is desirable? Yes - Do you agree that nationalised health care is superior to a competitive marketplace? No - Does the worship of the NHS make you angry, especially in the light of some terrible...
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    What's your political compass?

    I've taken these before - quite different questions this time... but the results came out the same.
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    This is what we're up against/hoping for,

    Plus their vastly greater income from shirts globally; pre-season games in Kuwait; higher crowds etc. Which possibly make the merit share look like ice cream money.
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    Ex Player Watch

    Didn't see it... But there has to be a rule so there is consistency. The rule at the moment, as I understand it, is that the player has to have a clear chance at goal and then it's a red. If there is no clear chance on goal and it's not dangerous play you cannot award a red for that in all...
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    21/22 Summer transfer mega-thread

    He'd certainly be useful to fill in small cracks in the defence. He'd give forwards a pasting.
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    Ex Player Watch

    Fair. I don't like all the faffing about in the run up either. But what I dislike the most is the awarding of penalties... where it seems to depend on whether the player falls over as to if it is a penalty or not. Surely, if it's a foul it's a foul... even if it only unbalances the player and...
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    Older or Younger?

    We don't have the money to compete with the richer clubs. The only way we will succeed is to keep acquiring young players we can sell on.
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    Ex Player Watch

    I don't think it's harsh. If the rule isn't that you have to stand on the line what is the limit to how far you can come off? A foot? A metre? Right next to the spot obscuring the shot? There has to be a rule and it makes sense that it's to stand on a line painted on the grass.
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    What are you currently listening to?

    Sunday morning; Sunday papers.
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    Eurovision 2021

    80s Morrisey and Marr... that would be something to see.