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    robins on shaw and carsley

    i get an impression that the backroom staff and players will changing very quickly over the next month. GOOD.
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    I expect a heck of a lot of changes...

    yeah 4 of them can't defend... arrhh ... back to Thorn who brought some of them in just recently.
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    Gain my respect and I will back you

    I wished Robins would humiliate the first waster the crosses his path. I imagine he would of been given clear instructions that this lot have been taking the piss for the past part of two years now and got away with it. If they all get upset and dont like it then fuck right off. It needs to...
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    I expect a heck of a lot of changes...

    we need a centre half with experience alongside wood, a left back that can defend and a left side midfield player with a bit of pace. kilbane, mcsheffery, baker, ball, hussey and bell ( when 'fit') can go now.
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    I expect a heck of a lot of changes...

    i'd rather watch a bunch of shit players who had respect for themselfs than a bunch of cheaters that we have.
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    How long before Baker calls him Marky or Robsy

    I think Bakers interview did Shaw a little damage to his very slim chances of getting the job. We were all talking about it Monday morning at work. I imagine Shaw would of been a bit pissed off as it gave a holiday camp imagine with no respect for the gaffer.
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    I expect a heck of a lot of changes...

    .... now with some loans being brought in. I'd expect a new left back and left side midfield player with a bit of experience along with an experienced centre half. If I was a betting man Shaw would of given him a good run down of who's let him down over the last three week and would expect...
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    Thorn can't get away with all this scott Free....

    .... great scout he was.....
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    richard shaw on now...

    Shaw sounded like he has had enough and was almost saying the players aren't good enough.
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    richard shaw on now...

    here we go again...more excuses... JUST BLAST UM!
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    Are the players doing this on purpose

    it appears they wont put in 100% so somethings happening. Probably dont want to work for there money?
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    Daily Mail Robins link now gone &...

    ... it appears he has turned us down?
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    Richard Keys

    cunts have a use...the wankers dont
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    Richard Keys

    would you blame any potential manager to want to accept this job if he watched players like Hussey and Baker 'perform' tonight and think have I got to really work with shit like that?