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The FA cup final was one of my late fathers last games the look on his face and the happiness it brought him was worth my donation..
If everyone who was brought to ecstacy that day donated a couple of quid we would be home and dry by now.



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I’m fine with alternative opinions especially when they make me think
We’ll get there and no one will be able to say but I didn’t get the chance

Still waiting on a few larger donations that were pledged but they’ll come

Be funny if we win the cup and go up
We are not that far away TBF still have plenty of time.


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No mate, had nothing to do with them since L1 days when Juggy and Paul ran it.

I think Claudio who runs the Facebook group is involved and also Gordon Dando who does the Warwick walking football if you need to get in touch. They should also be part of the all party supporters group but not sure if they attend.

I doubt they'll do much though. They don't even sponsor a player or games these days. I think the Southam one that I go with some games and the Nuneaton and Bedworth ones are better equipped.

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