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    Best feeling ever?

    Checkatrade Trophy final. Been to many memorable games at Wembley but nothing comes close to watching your own team win there. What a day
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    Today’s games

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    Todays games

    Huddersfield 1-0 up
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    Tonights games

    stoke 1-0 sheff wed
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    Match Thread Cardiff

    by the time we're back in grounds again we'll be watching the likes of Accrington and Fleetwood
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    Match Thread Derby Match Thread

    your own team are playing tonight and you're on a ccfc forum. ground or no ground, we're far bigger than Barnsley
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    Match Thread Norwich

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    Left back

    Marcus Hall still got his boots?
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    Match Thread Promotion Party Match Thread

    what am i watching..
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    Match Thread Promotion Party Match Thread

    watching this you would think we're a one man team
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    City players who were panned, or not rated by most, but who you quite liked

    didnt mind Lee Burge as much as others on here. Good keeper at League one/ two level. We've just been spoilt this year
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    Roll call for Notts County away Saturday at 3pm

    Would have started Ponticelli, he's going to be the next big thing
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    Last Day Of The Season

    can get a kids ticket for their next home game for £4 if you are wanting purchase history