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    I wonder where Bob Bones got to
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    Happy New Year lads and ladies

    Heres to a better New Year than the last.
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    Casper and Corey's killer found dead

    Drug overdose is what I am hearing. I'd say he was offed so pin a medal on who did it.
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    Leaving Shrewsbury's ground....

    It was the highlight of the day after the fun of trying to get a taxi or bus to the ground and then the crap game
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    Religious bloodlust

    Try saying you are right wing and express your opinions/views,see how this freedom of speech lasts
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    Planned trouble for Sunderland game?

    Bloody freezing and the coach arrived ten minutes late for kick off, the worse was the journey back with ELO being played all the way home.
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    For Doing A Good Job

    I had the Microsoft phone call which became quite awkward when I told the caller our household is full of Apple only products, he didn't want to speak to me after that.
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    Civic reception

    Anyone seen the prison bus yet ?
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    Sorry for that mate.
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    Tommy Robinson

    Thank god we stopped the nazis invasion or we'd not have dEmOcrCy
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    Well said and hopefully you'll go up next season Fred Your fans were the subject of a wee bit of banter by the fanzone before the game lol nothing serious mind
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    Are you nervous

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    The defence...

    Contributed to the opposition too fucking many though with Sunday League defending, how the fuck are these professionals ? He's 'young' 'inexperienced' 'coming back from injury' 'confidence low' are excuses which do not tie in with being a pro player, maybe you have a blip but a big lingering...
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    Support for Burge

    Maybe Potters Green Thirds
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    Had a pub crawl round town yesterday

    Nobbys Silver Sword Penny Black Three Tuns The Bug Times Square Pink Parrott and to finish Tandoori Kitchen with a Chicken Phall (true story)