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    England v Ukraine

    We looked awful last night. Milner has no place in squad let alone the starting line up, Lambert's not good enough at this level, Lampard missing for 80 mins of the game. Walcott does not engage his brain and the same can be said for Walker. The only players coming out of this game with any...
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    Callum Wilson for England

    simply put...No
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    Worst game you've ever been too?

    I was going to say exactly the same game. The trip wasnt all bad though, stayed over that night and went out on the piss.
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    Confirmed northampton

    We are a fucking joke of a club.
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    surely sisu want to own the ground for this????

    Meatloaf is a class act. He can't belt them out like he used to but in his prime he was fantastic, selling out massive venues through out the world.
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    preferred bidder is sisu

    As some say its not a great suprise we have ended with this outcome, but like everyone else I am gutted. I can see the club now just fading into abyss. I know we had problems in the past with previous owners but SISU'S reign has been nothing but disastrous, lowest home gates in over 20 or so...
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    Raf's Ticket

    Absolute classic!!
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    I stayed up and watched the pats game and was gutted, like you said the timeout before halftime was crucial. If a touch down was scored It would of put them in a great position heading into the 3rd quarter. Brady was playing at about 50% with to many failed drives. Was gutted!.
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    Bit of help for you boys

    should be a great game All the best
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    we can do it!!

    Na na na na na na now staying up staying up up citys staying up up Na na na na na na now staying up staying up up citys staying up up we all know the tune! I really hope anyway
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    Away Support at Brighton

    Im sure he said just over 1700.
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    Away Support at Brighton

    Was not to far away from the trouble, it was much to do about nothing really. A very small number of people, prob been drinking and didn't want their mate thrown out (not that I agree with it). I agree that the volume of the noise compared to the volume of people we took was not great but to be...
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    Beta Testing a New Website

    Hi Nick I have an app on my phone which does a similar thing called sccope. I will try it out for you though. Anything to make the Christmas shopping cheaper. cheers
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    Is anybody staying overnight for Brighton away?

    hostel for me and my mates too. I booked this a few weeks ago too, couldnt find any half decent cheapish hotels. Should be a good weekend though.
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    What is your local pub?`

    Burnt post for me.