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    Championies, Championies

    Will the bookies payout my bets I have on us winning the league if it decided that way? Or will they be able to wriggle out of paying out?
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    Birmingham’s website has the details. Looks like we have upper and lower tiers in the Gill Merrick stand. 5500 seats Ticketing arrangements - Blues v Coventry City
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    Blues Game

    The BBC website has it listed as Saturday 3.00pm kick off
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    Season Tickets

    I rang up to ask and was told you definitely have to buy four corporate tickets to get a free parking pass.
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    Playoff details confirmed

    What a pain. It says I am not entitled to buy my daughter's ticket ( Under 13 Free) but if I change it to an U16 (£5) it lets me add it to basket. I thought about buying my own seperately and then logging in as my daughter to buy hers but that will not work as you cannot buy a junior under 13...
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    Playoff details confirmed

    It is showing in Reserved Tickets for me but when I add it is saying I am not entitled to buy my Daughter's Ticket, only my own.
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    £60 - An expensive Sleep

    She looked in her 40s or 50s . After we lifted the trophy, her mate helped her up and she staggered up the stairs
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    £60 - An expensive Sleep

    What a day. I was sat in Block 227 and there was a lady behind me who was so hammered she fell over getting to her seat and then slept through the whole game. Did not wake up once, not even when we scored or even when we lifted the trophy !!!
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    More breaking news?

    Will he be at the JSB Party tomorrow???
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    The bottom line

    I remember when Anderson was appointed, Fisher said it was to free his time up to concentrate on the new stadium. Last night he said he took a back seat to concentrate on other business interests.. I am sure we will get a new training ground that we will rent. They will sell Ryton so they can...
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    The Budget

    Wasn't Connor Thomas on decent money? Reda would have been on a decent wedge as well. We no longer have to pay out those two big salaries.
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    just seen ticket price vs pompey

    I have just bought mine. It let me select my season ticket seats and has charged me £20 ( one adult and one child). It has not charged me any fees and I could not see any option for print at home. Will these be added to my Season Ticket Cards? I thought I would be paying some sort of extra fees
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    I am praying we finish top 2 as I fly out on holiday two days before. I have already looked at flight prices back from the Canaries for Me and My Daughter. Will leave the wife at the hotel for two days. I reckon I can fly in to London and then get to Wembley if I need to easily enough.
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    Anyone Going To The JSB Christmas Party Later?

    My daughter won Marcus Tudgay's Boots and a signed first team shirt !!
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    Ccfc shop delivery

    I would have thought it would be City Link who do their deliveries