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    Things are going well

    Personally , Im really looking forward to playing V***a again next year...
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    Match worn & signed Coventry City shirts

    A David Bell match worn shirt must be one of football rarest items...
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    Millwall (Away) Match Thread

    Congratulations fella. A Great day to become a Dad. PUSB!
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    Villa after 'Cov Kid'

    Bournemouth will finish higher than Villa this season. I live in Bournemouth and trust me that are a very good side who will do much better than Vile will.
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    Villa after 'Cov Kid'

    Villa are NOT a big club
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    New kit announced in the coming days

    Definitely no stripes on the back then. Big blue panel for a number. At least its a proper Sky Blue and not some of the tepid variations we have had to put up with recently.
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    Adam Barton joins Portsmouth

    Along with the bastards that charged through the disabled section to attempt to “run” the City fans at HR
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    Is Something Happening Here....?

    It does seem that there are some serious decisions being made atm. There are rumours indeed and it seems to me that there may be some truth in a possible takeover. Nike haven’t got onboard just to sell few thousand shirts they want some serious sales and they want to be involved in a club that...
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    New kit announced in the coming days

    Would love it to be a replica of that Malaga kit
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    Our local newspaper..

    Piss Poor Paper
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    Mowbray confirmed via club twitter

    For the first time in years Im looking forward to watching The City again. Delighted. Brig it on! PUSB
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    Favorite EVER CCFC Player

    Tommy Hutchison all day long. King of the Hill.
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    TM to be signed by weekend??

    I think there may be more going on in the background than we are being led to believe. Firstly, Mowbray could get a better deal and a better wage at many other clubs and he is sure to have been sounded out by potential suitors over the last few weeks. Why is he taking the job? I have a sneaky...
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    Video from the Changing Room

    And therein lies the problem...