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    Wasps downward spiral...

    Has anyone called talk sport?? I’m sure mr Durham would love that
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    Council funding for Ricoh Refurb

    The tweet had been taken down. Was it fake news!??
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    Wasps downward spiral...

    I think it’s down to cash flow
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    In my opinion Burge was ok his strength was his stop shopping but prone to mistakes that were costly. I don’t really get this hatred for Sunderland too. They seem very passionate bunch. Unfortunately like all clubs there is an element who just like starting trouble . We have them as do all clubs.
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    Uganda CCFC

    What a great idea I would happily donate. Would it be a nice touch to contact David Brody so he could meet the team and make a real memorable experience for him.
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    Wasps downward spiral...

    Has anyone written to these guys. It would be better if it was from a business and and residents affected by the hotel and raises the point that other hotels have been denied permission from the council due to reason xxxx
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    Wasps downward spiral...

    I read the article and I noticed that this is a different wasps company and not the one related to the rugby club or bond. These are questions I have does he think that company will go tits up. Could he then send the other company in administration and but it bank on the cheap and screw the...
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    Wasps downward spiral...

    if Bobby bridge left the telegraph and went to work for the wasps the average iq would increase for both parties..
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    Wasps downward spiral...

    I’s that trades for wasps bonds????? I thought as the price was so low and on no one has bought or sold any since they went down to £40. Surely Richardson and his associates would be snapping them up? This is why I had made the assumption that they think it’s going tits up?
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    Wasps downward spiral...

    But they haven’t. As no one has being buying them. Does that mean they think it will go tits up???
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    WASPS Interim Accounts 2019

    Question: if wasps default on the bond do they have to start selling assets to repay the debt or liquidate??
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    Wasps downward spiral...

    They are only calling Season Ticket holders. The people can afford them really don’t need help.
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    Wasps downward spiral...

    I don’t know anything about bonds. Surely if that the case then they would have to stop trading them, until the issue was solved???
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    Match Thread Coventry City vs. Sunderland Match Thread - Sunday 1st Mar

    I’m at the airport at the moment. I’m hoping to watch it when I’m home. Sounds like we really put in a shift at the back. I have a silly question what was the attendance?! I have a bet with a W<€<~p fan that we will have a larger attendance at St. Andrews for this game than they did at...