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    Will you please build?

    Me a Mercedes Benz....
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    Match Thread Sky Blues v Boro (double header)?

    O’hare a class above there, still have to pinch myself to think we managed to sign him! Allen did ok in patches, made mistake for their goal but the guy still has to beat two defenders and a keeper... to be fair keeper had no chance as bullit of a shot, but dreadful defending to let him come...
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    Incoming - Tyler Walker

    yeah was expecting a loan... perm much better!
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    This season's Shirt Sponsor

    granada bingo didn’t ruin the kit, it’s part of one of the most iconic city kits.... as was talbot
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    Match Thread Swindon Town Friendly

    20 pages of handbags... with the odd well put across appraisal! I’m off out for a pint!
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    Match Thread Swindon Town Friendly

    Nice to see Jody back at it
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    Match Thread Swindon Town Friendly

    Come on city, we can do this 😂
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    Season ticket refunds

    Im a season ticket holder and I had multiple emails about the rand and cut off date, including one just a few days before. Was also on their website and all social media channels wasn't it.
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    New deal for shipperz

    Yeah fair play to him & the club... I’ll be honest I was one that wasn’t sure about him. Looks like he had a good footballing brain but always frustrated me the way he wouldn’t get stuck in. Stepped up last season though and I’m sure will continue to grow with age and experience
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    So now we know

    I know bugger all about rugby premiership ins and outs but those I know that do reckon the league won’t let it happen. Not sure how they could that Prevent it if they were/ are really Financially fucked... not like the league could pump money in & help them survive like a government take over of...
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    So now we know

    Leaked COUNCIL report said club weren’t willing to do a deal on stadium unless they owned freehold... shock horror, the council said deal could t be done & it was all the clubs fault... so they fucked off and sold it to a rugby club from London ? what part of that is mean to exonerate the...
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    So now we know

    this!! the council are the ones that held the power and drove decisions all along, simple as that! they had the power to look after the club of this city and the supporters of the club during our hard times - through administration and relegation - and they chose to try and hold the club to a...
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    Robins on 5 Live

    The irony of this.... posts about robins not being backed, while using a photo of Callum O’Hare in a Cov shirt as his profile pic 😂😂😂
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    Council have a stadium team for CCFC ??

    To be fair to Neil, if by 'this project' he means the project of making sure nothing positive happens in regards to CCFC f they have anything to say about it, and the club get screwed as much as the council can manage, then he's correct! the council have had a "a team dedicated to this project'...
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    Wednesday rumours

    people looking on the Hummel twitter page, trying to find the little turd emoticons next to our new kit announcement, absolute classic :poop: