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    Squad as it is

    - Just relax its not all done just yet, we had too many on loan and have given players who have massive amounts of improvement in them 3 year deals to try and put a team together that can mould and stay together for a push for promotion, an exciting season ahead..... Some interesting points...
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    Back your football club

    Be too busy in their executive boxes given to them as gifts for their hard work at Wasps games to care about what is going on at St Andrews.
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    The Council

    Probably because the council have something to hide, hence the hysteria panicking regarding the case and using Wasps as their puppet to cover up the illegal use of taxpayers money at the time of bringing Wasps to Coventry.
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    Back your football club

    The trust please stop my ribs hurt so much from laughing, speak for the fans my arse! They do not represent the fans and never have, about as useful as a chocolate fireguard them pricks.
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    Back your football club

    If we are to groundshare at St Andrews, then its not as bad as Northampton, whole different scenario, for example - Easier trains from Coventry that average £7.50 return Much more choice of pubs and bars as well as eateries in Birmingham City centre beforehand compared to Northampton and in...
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    Be scared, be worried...

    Intimidating :happy::happy::happy::happy: Even their chairman seems to think they are in the final already, looking forward to reality hitting home Friday night for them.
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    Cheers, the website shown them as available at 13.30pm today and then has it as sold out again, unless it was an error.
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    Hi All, Long shot but if anyone has any spares available, I would be looking for 2 Adult tickets, can collect locally for the away leg at County, if you only have 1 Adult I would be prepared to purchase and find another. I was online around 8.50am and did not get through and noticed the site...
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    Away leg ticket details

    Come on around 13.30pm and off again again with no communication from the club
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    Transfer Rumour Former player in talks with us! - Courtney Baker Richardson

    We was never ever in for the player, reading this the last few weeks really has been strange and funny at times
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    What they want

    30M lmao, some clueless guy on FB who seriously knows nothing projects a figure and most on here take as gospel and start giving up, its comical it really is. SISU for one are not interested in dealing with GH, they don't like him, its personal, the trust getting involved only makes matters...
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    designed and delivered in three years

    Why are their 3 pages already of a non story being discussed on here? We have all known for months and months nothing has EVER been discussed with ANYONE about an imaginary stadium spoken about by only Fisher to try and satisfy the FL and SOME of the fans. instead of none stories pointing out...
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    So, who do we want ?

    12/1 to 6/4 for some bizarre reason, at one of the home games with his family recently.
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    The petition

    In a nutshell nothing, as good idea it is, it will not get the right outcome required.
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    Keys on talk sport

    Keys saying Sepella already rejected one offer was referring to Hoffman and co's laughable attempt previously, nothing new here.