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    Ryan Giles

    Anyone else think he should be given a chance ahead of McCallum looks like he has a bit more pace and power and a good left foot and mcCallum has struggled going forward last few weeks in my opinion although he is quite solid defensively.
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    London tubes

    Anyone else getting a tube tomorrow for the game? I’m a bit worried about coronavirus if I’m honest but I’m still gonna go, just wondered what everyone else thought of the risks of the spread on London undergrounds.
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    League 1 - 3rd May

    We should sell our allocation of 700 hopefully
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    Video Portsmouth Home Reaction | Callum O'Hare

    Speaks his mind more than most rather than just giving the default answers it’s quite refreshing
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    Tonight’s game

    I would’ve thought there would atleast be around 5.5k Cov fans there tonight
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    Tonight’s game

    I think if u pay in the gate it’s the 3 blocks on the end isn’t it?
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    Tonight’s game

    Looks like tickets have sold fairly well compared to normal blocks 35,33 and 27 sold out and not many left in 28
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    Is rose still injured?
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    Tuesday night

    Need to get people down to St. Andrews for this one and get behind the players our support will be crucial for the players
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    Is it in our own hands?

    Pompey is a massive game Tuesday
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    13 all comps
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    Think he’s scored like 13 since he arrived
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    Portsmouth (H)

    In all fairness Pompey have a good loud following which would make it sweeter if we beat them
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    Portsmouth (H)

    Yeah I live down south so I have lots of Pompey mates and I do find Portsmouth fans a little annoying for some reason would love us to teach them a lesson! Hopefully the fans can show up in numbers despite it’s a Tuesday night
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    Portsmouth (H)

    Shaping up to be a massive game. Both teams in form and I think they are now one of the teams to beat in this division. I think this could be a season-defining game to be honest.