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    Time to go Robins

    😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 I assume that you write jokes for a living.
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    Membership shirt

    No, not royal mail, not sure who the courier was
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    Membership shirt

    Mine arrived this morning... Think I would've fitted into a medium before lock down, sadly it's a bit snug these days 😭
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    Schmeichel Doyle

    I was certainly a bigger fan of the comeback. He helped us turn the tide when we were at our lowest, was instrumental in the supporters group, helped recruit a lot of the players who got us promoted, scored from the half way line and held the team together at times during the promotion season...
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    Model after Brentford?

    Building consistently and sustainability towards promotion whilst playing exciting attacking football. You're right mate, who would want that?
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    Poor January transfer window.

    I think that the 3rd of Feb is definitely the best time to judge the successes of the January transfer window.
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    iFollow attendance

    Yeah looks like it as part of the cracking down on streams.
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    iFollow attendance

    For what it's worth I think Oggy's commentary is excellent. He sees the game really well and saves Clive's blushes at times. Genuinely miss his insights when I watch on Sky instead of ifollow.
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    Cringey football terms deserving of a temporary ban

    Refering to a team as a group. Makes me irrationally angry.
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    Signing incoming

    More recently Dom Hyam was brought in as one for the future and ended up as first name on the team sheet by the end of the season.
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    Ruben Lameiras

    Always liked him as a player, had one hell of a reverse pass on him.
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    Scariest time at a ground.

    I was down in the concourse too. Remember all the police flying in and getting out of the way as fast as I could 😂.
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    Where do we improve next?

    9 new players is a lot to accommodate already. The team were playing brilliantly earlier this year and considering that we've only lost 2 players, I'm concerned about how we get all of these new players playing in Robin's system quickly.
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    UPDATED AGAIN! PES 2022 Cov Kits now available

    This year's PES is fantastic in terms of game play, it's challenging at first, but very rewarding once you get to grips with it. Wish they would do some work on the presentation and game modes, but the most important thing, the football, is tremendous.