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    Top of the heap

    No. Hit second, down to fifth, finish second.
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    Proposed press release

    I’m happy to be included. It must be easy to see how many read a post? Dum dum me, it’s at the bottom!! So 190 have read this post out of 7500 members. Not sure we can say any issued statement represents the views of the forum with such a low percentage. Can you see how many people are active...
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    Match Thread Coventry City vs. Tranmere Rovers Match Thread - Sunday 13th Oct

    Glad we have made changes. Not sure on the formation but we will soon see. 3-0 home win, Godden needs a goal. Great kit.
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    Video Rotherham United v Coventry City highlights

    Why didn’t he square it early!!
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    Match Thread Coventry City vs. AFC Wimbledon Match Thread - Tuesday 17th Sep

    Win by 2 goals tonight, 2-0 or 3-1. Crowd of 4759.
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    Rose, Mcfazdean, Hyam

    Think it was his ball that set up Goddens goal.
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    Max Chomping at the bit

    It’s a long season and he’s had a massive lay off, don’t want a reoccurrence. He will play his part.
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    Jobello celebration

    Whoever it was I thought they were going to die, proper diving header. Jobo has done ok and is improving. Don’t think the fans have been too hard on him at the games, different on here!
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    Match Thread Coventry City vs. Blackpool Match Thread - Saturday 7th Sep

    Open, exciting game. 3-1 home win or 2-2, depends if we turn up defensively. Biggest gate so far, 7839. Hiwula to be dropped!
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    Video Coventry City v Bristol Rovers highlights

    2 great finishes today. Should have been more clinical in the last 5 mins to boost the goal difference and confidence. Can’t argue with 3 wins from 3 in Brum!
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    Early days but much more confidence in the back 5. Work to do on set pieces but confident we aren’t going to ship too many soft goals.