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    Rumour: Hoffman and Elliot takeover negotiations

    I'm worried that if GH doesnt offer enough then SISU aint gonna leave and we are stuck with them until the club dies, so yeah i'm worried about how much they will get
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    Coventry City fans to discuss possibility of supporter-led takeover

    I'd of thought that after all the years of trying to get rid of the owners and wanting a place on the board that they would already have things in place or at least know how to go about things.
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    Fair Play

    To the fans that went on the pitch tonight. Risking bans to do what they did.
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    JR2 - SISU's bargaining tool?

    The Ricoh gets more coverage now with CCFC in League 1 then it does for Wasps being in the egg chasers top league
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    Didnt Richardson enquire about the ricoh and developing the land around it before he even had anything to do with wasps?
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    Investment on the Horizon?

    Maybe the club have been in negotiations for a while and the telegraph wants to play heroes like the return to the Ricoh campaign
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    Wasps breach agreement with bondholders

    Someone they can bully into a deal they want you mean??? ;)
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    Wasps breach agreement with bondholders

    Anyone up for the theory of Richardson wanting both Wasps and CCFC under one banner and sell the whole lot on. Wasps are owned by a hedge fund and would they be in it for the long haul? With wasps figures not looking that great would they be lookingto make a quick return like SISU hoped to...
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    Ricoh sponsorship

    Nothing stopping talks happening now under the condition that to get it signed off drop the legals.
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    sky blue trust - useful or misguided

    Can't see any benefit of Gilbert being there other self promotion of his book.
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    sky blue trust - useful or misguided

    what was your wasps protest?
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    sky blue trust - useful or misguided

    As successful as the march was, the trust has lost credibility purely for cosying up to wasps and being scared to upset wasps when they first arrived. I paid my membership years ago and they no longer represent me as a fan. I wonder how many of the 3000 they claim to represent still believe in...
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    Jon Sharp - BPA

    Maybe because sharp hasn't bought the lease yet
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    Jon Sharp - BPA

    Wait until the end of the month when a decision is made if sharp will get the lease and see what happens after. I f he doesnt get the land lease then its not gonna happen anyway. too much speculation on here
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    Anti Wasp march / protests. Where are they ?

    Nothing stopping a deal being agreed with Wasps in principal on the pretense that legal action is dropped. Once a deal is agreed, details can be released and then surely more pressure can be put on sisu to drop the legals and then we would see whether Wasps are going to ramp up the rent and...