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Thought Dabo was much the more effective on the left and more defensively able too. In the first half Kane was constantly being caught out positionally as Blackburn looked to play Nyambe in behind him. He looked really uncomfortable on the left, whereas Dabo is the more skilful, more adept on the ball and better able to link play on the left. If we have to play without Maatsen in future I would much prefer us to go with Kane on the right and Dabo on the left,
See defensively I had no problems with Dabo, there was a couple of passages of play though when we went forward on the counter but Dabo had to cut back on to his right. The full back worked it out and it slowed our play down.

like I said previously we need to get Maatsen through to January and make it a priority to sign a left footed full back. Kane and Dabo are strong players to compete for the right hand side


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Has anyone got a link to the Gyokeres penalty incident? I would like to see it again but not included in the SkySports highlights package. Thanks in advance
EFL highlights are shown on QUEST (Channel 12 on Freeview IIRC). You can see last night's coverage on their catchup site. Involves free registration and a few ads. Our game from yesterday starts just after 11 minutes. The penalty incident is included, but it's hard to see what happened to Vik's ankle if that is what you are looking for.


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Extended highlights Video Archive - Coventry City have both Walker's offside goal and the pen. If Vic had have gone down, it would have definitely been given, paid price of being too honest...

The offside was very close...

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Doesn't look offside in that screenshot. He could be fractionally ahead of the defender behind him and blocking the lino's view of the other defender. We wuz robbed

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