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Can't 'like' or interact with a post above an advert.


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Anybody else getting loads more adverts in the past couple of days? I've got some on the page itself, then one along the bottom and now I'm getting a pop up as well that takes up half the screen.

At this point Nick, I wouldn't mind paying to use the site to get rid of the adverts.

Sick Boy

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Yeah it’s making the site really hard to use. I thought @fernandopartridge had posted a weird video about 5 amazing facts about the universe and life.

I’d happily pay for an ad-free version of SBT to contribute towards the costs of running the site. I’m sure a lot of regulars would be as well.


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Yep… it’s not good.


Are they slowly going? Looks like an update undid my restrictions to hide all of the shite.


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I have some weird video about the universe for some reason


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Looks fixed to me!! Thanks Nick


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I’m not entirely sure why, but when I’ve attempted to delete an actual post, there appears to be an ad banner at the bottom of the screen, that’s obscuring the actual delete button itself.

No amount of hapless swiping and swearing has achieved anything, I’m afraid.

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