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I am asked for cookies everytime & can be in any 1 of 3 languages so far. Ads are always at the bottom and sometimes between posts on a thread. It's the same on the app or through Google on android.


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This is a screenshot with an advert under a post and the advert on the bottom


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It's gone now
Cheers Nick, tha is all much better.

Is the small white banner still going to remain at the bottom?

My add blocker hides the content, but it is still obtrusive.
Can you screenshot the cookie box?
Cheers Nick, that is all much better.

I’m still getting a white banner at the bottom of the screen.

My ad-blocker stops the content, but it’s still obtrusive.

Is that here to stay?


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Whenever I go into a thread or go on to the next page in a thread the Tapatalk/Google option pops up and then instantly disappears again.


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Sorry if it comes across like I'm moaning, Nick, because I really appreciate the work you do to keep this forum going and I can definitely live with the advertising if it helps you keep it ticking along, but the banner is getting in the way again so I can't click what I assume is the cookies box, so the screen stays blacked out.

I am tempted by FM24 though, tbf.


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