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    Players you didn't like till they signed for CCFC

    I hated Larry Lloyd, mainly because of my hatred of Liverpool and the fact that he had the turning circle of the Queen Mary. I decided to suspend my hatred and give him a chance but soon realised what a useless camel he really was. The rest of the squad seemed to despise him too. We were...
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    Open top Bus

    It's all because usual rules don't apply to the entitled scallies in Self Pity City. They always regard themselves as a special case. It's the one place I used to hate travelling to back in the days when I went to all the away games in the 70s and 80s. Horrible ground, horrible fans. And...
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    A little motivation for Man City vs Arsenal

    Technically it counts as a draw, I believe.
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    Premiership relegation. Who do we want down.

    Well, there's 18 points then.
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    Congratulations on your promotion

    I have always had a respect for Sheffield Wednesday, ever since meeting some Owls fans when we played them at HR in our first season in Div.1 and they seemed knowledgeable and friendly. Blades have always been an alehouse team with completely different fans. Even at the FA Cup QF in 1987 they...
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    Surely Mark won’t go

    If the Telegraph disappeared I'm not sure many people would actually notice.
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    Surely Mark won’t go

    Maybe he could do both jobs. He wouldn't even need a second office, just the ability to socially distance from himself.
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    The simple reason that this idea would be unfair is that some games would be disregarded. Even worse, they would be the most recent games for those who had played more than 34. The imitation Geordies clutching at straws again.
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    Black Prince pub in tile hill

    Yes, we had a regular group of us who were there from when it started. We had some great times there too. When they moved from the Plough it was to the Humber Hotel in their large function room at the back. It became known as Arthur's. Never quite the same there, although I do remember going...
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    Black Prince pub in tile hill

    I remember the Plough had a heavy metal & rock music disco every Friday & Sunday night. It was run by Silk Disco which was Jim Twyneham who was the announcer at Highfield Road for years. Place was packed every night for these, it must have been a goldmine given the booze they used to sell. A...
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    Black Prince pub in tile hill

    Ah yes! Used to love the Motor Hotel. It has to be the weirdest shaped pub ever. Because of the junction it was on, it was like a wedge of cheese. We went there quite often in the late 80s/early 90s because they did fantastic curries for next to nothing, plus decent beer. Another pub...
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    Black Prince pub in tile hill

    I used to visit most of the pubs in Coventry as part of my job in the 70s. Those weren't the only dodgy dives back then. Just off the top of my head I can recall some places you wouldn't want to be in on a Friday night. The Winnall and the Glade in Willenhall. The Chequers in Stoke...
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    Help Needed

    It doesn't really matter what you call a Dalmatian. Lots of them are deaf.
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    Bigger Clubs making a lot of Noise - Meeting 9.30am start

    That's what has to happen if the clubs can't agree. League 2 have already agreed so the EFL can hardly have a different resolution for different divisions. That would leave them wide open for court actions. They need to grow a pair and go with the majority over all divisions.
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    EFL to end season this week - City likely to be promoted

    I can't really see how the EFL can justify allowing each division to potentially come up with a different solution to the issue. Surely the voting should be on an overall solution to all three divisions. How idiotic will they look if they have used a different formula in our league from L2 and...