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    Already took a look mate, cant seem to find it anywhere. Must be a player who likes to keep his Snap private I'm guessing. Thanks anyway tho.
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    Hahahaha naa just met him at Tesco after the U23s game and he put me and my mate on his Snap, tryna find out what it is but its proving difficult :'(
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    Does anyone have or know his Snapchat Username?
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    Match Thread Walsall - Coventry City Match Thread - Tuesday 3rd Oct

    Leaving it a tad late I know but is anyone driving up today got a spare seat? Will chuck tenner for parking and petrol money.
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    Match Thread Chesterfield - Coventry City Match Thread - Saturday 2nd Sep

    Apart from Willis, we should have cashed in on him last year. Absolutely useless, we could have got a half decent striker for that money.
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    Match Thread Chesterfield - Coventry City Match Thread - Saturday 2nd Sep

    Willis has lost it, ball playing ability non-existent, creating more problems than we need right now.
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    Does it usually take a while for them to process my subscription to my account, I have paid but I cant access the stream. Used a VPN to sign up, and done everything correctly.
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    Does the overseas billing address not have to be linked to the card?
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    Strange transfer activity?

    Another winger/attacking midfielder wouldn't go a miss though, maybe use of the loan system to pick up a youngster from a PL/Championship side.
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    Top 8 budget

    First thing would be to replace Fisher and get someone in who knows how to do a proper job, and then start to make some proper signings.
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    Budget constraints

    They laid the foundations of this mess. SISU came in and created a problem instead of being a solution. Council just stood by and watched whilst they sold their souls to let 125+ years of City history go up in flames. The Phoenix is still somewhere amongst the ashes.
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    He does belong here, elite mentality manager. Pair him with the right players Bigi, Lamerias, Jones, Reid, and Beavon. Just missing the natural goalscorer (20+ goals potentially Ponticelli) and a decent defensive line (maybe bring back Reda). We all make mistakes, cannot let them define us...
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    Anyone heard any rumours recently

    Fact of the matter is alot of these things work in cycles. Look at football in the West Midlands as whole, not much happening apart from West Brom in the Prem. Look at coastal teams Bournemouth, Southampton, Brighton and so on. All on the rise, reaping the rewards of good ownership and a...
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    Anyone heard any rumours recently

    Didn't they clear debt a few years ago? If I remember rightly they converted into shares.
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    32,000 sold already

    Anyone been past BPA yet? Just wondering how big the line is? Still need to head to up lol, its going to be a fun day.