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    League of Legends (PC Game)

    Not sure if anyone in here is interested in gaming but I run a UK community group for LoL on Facebook it's an open group so feel free to browse and join if you're interested in the game, my in game name is Gankicus if anyone ever fancies playing...
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    Coventry city 360 FIFA club (XBOX 360)

    I'm always up for a game on xbox 360, my gamertag is Rated eFFeX I only play pro clubs and H2H seasons (don't play fut sorry to dissapoint you all)
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    Bad joke corner

    After the pope's recent resignation, Peter Odemwingie has arrived in the car park of the Vatican to begin negotiations.
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    The Official SBT FIFA Thread

    Xbox 360, my gamertag is Rated eFFeX, I don't play FUT just mainly play H2H seasons and pro clubs.
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    Swedish sky blue needs link

    It's not on television so I doubt there will be a live link to the game, best you could do is radio/skyblues player and listen to the match commentery
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    Wii U:Nintendo announce 2 new Zelda game's

    Zelda maestro Eiji Aonuma then appeared to discuss one of the biggest reveals at the press conference; two new Zelda games coming to Wii U. Zelda Windwaker HD : Zelda game: The Windwaker will be re-released on the Wii U in stunning HD, the original game has been out over 10 years now it was...
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    Anyone friends with CCFC players on Facebook/

    Baker Sheffers The Edge
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    Frank Moussa signs extended contract

    I watched his interview on SBP, he's talking about the contract he signed in January, going to close this thread as it is very misleading.
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    Sheffield UTD v CCFC highlights?

    Does anybody know if the highlights will be available today via skybluesplayer, skysports goal centre or youtube? please share a link if you find a link to the highlights. :)
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    Drago Signs ????????????

    Thread closed, there's currently a thread with updates and currently there is no official confirmation he's signed, just a twitter account represting him which could be unofficial.
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    O'Donovan Released

    Already a thread on this.! Thread closed.
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    Bring a scarf 5th Feb

    Good idea, will be intresting to see if the message has spread, we could also replicate this idea if we get to Wembley. :pimp:
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    Southampton sack adkins

    Can't blame the Southampton fans for this decision there all really pissed off.!!!!!
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    Blockbuster Video are the next to go

    Renting DVDs is more ancient than Madonna’s boobs
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    Match thread City v Tranmere

    Definitly looks good so far..... :thinking about: