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    Looking for all Sky Blues in Norway

    For anyone in Norway that wants to join us you can find us on Facebook here :)
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    Looking for all Sky Blues in Norway

    Yeah Trondheim 's a great place
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    Looking for all Sky Blues in Norway

    Haha you'll have the same experience as I'm having now then
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    Looking for all Sky Blues in Norway

    I live in Norway, come from Leam snd am back every year :) We're around 30+ in our skyblues international group now but know there's more from the wall on match days and other things, just needing to get in contact with them
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    Looking for all Sky Blues in Norway

    As the title says I'm on the hunt for all sky blues fans from or living in Norway. We've become a big group now (I thought I was the only 1 when I first moved here) so there could be more out there for meeting up for TV games and the potential trips to the ricoh
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    Cov fan in Norway helps club :)

    Nei jeg er engelsk å, bor i Trondheim :) So that makes at least 3 of us in Norway, 3 out of 5,000,000 aint bad for our shoddy club :) Maybe we should make contact with him and say thanks (plus "are you mad?") and start a Norwegian Sky Blue Army, we can then meet up to celebrate sisu fecking...
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    Cov fan in Norway helps club :)

    Check this link out, no need to use google translate. All it says is a Coventry City fan in Norway wanted to support his local Norwegian club by buying advertising space, so he did and used 34 meters and wrote COVENTRY CITY FC :)
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    Is it 'collective blame' or some other scapegoat?

    Our possible drop to league 1 has been quite visible for the last 10+ years unfortunately. We've always struggled with money and keeping good players and have had a lot of managers and have never had great investment and when that has come it's not always been spent wisely which for a club...
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    Thorn to miss Saturdays clash after going into hospital

    Oh no, not Harrison. Thought we were already screwed :( Get well soon AT
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    SISU OUT! Protest Thread.

    It's an online petition and lots of ccfc fans may not be online or haven't come across this site or the petition site. If this protest really does have the word spread over the next few games then word of mouth can really work. Everyone on here just has to continue to spread the e-word and...
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    Coventry v southampton boycott

    I won't be there either; ok I live in Norway now but wouldn't go if I was back then anyway (I am always back). Whoever can should at least turn up outside and sing so the board/sisu residue who may be there can hear it from the inside.
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    Time to target Seppala and Coleman

    I agere. They're too busy with the bigger side of business to care about ccfc so if we took it to them they'd be forced to have do something about it
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    Coventry VS Brighton chat thread

    Played 19 games and joint bottom with Don who have 1 game in hand. We're both 2 wins away from Bristol :( Sisu out, Sisu out
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    A ccfc uprising, a new type of protest

    Remember we must still protest against sisu. A loanee for a month and a miniature hope that Jukebox is staying still does not mean sisu should stay SISU OUT SISU OUT Click to download the sisu out mask