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Never listened to this one even though I like Reproduction a lot. I'll give it a spin later. Nice one.
It's brilliant. Bought it when it came out. I was 15 back in 1980. Its been a constant companion.


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Listened to this Mount Kimbie album for the first time this week. Blew me away. Like Kraftwerk or Neu! played by millennials who liked dubstep. Love it.
We're just about to leave for Sheffield. Will give it a go in the car.


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... great if you like screechy, chaotic punk.
I remember my then-girlfriend dragging me to see them at Reading Festival many years ago, she said it would be the biggest party of the weekend. 30 seconds into their first song (deafening screaming hardcore punk) and she realised she thought we were going to see the Blues Brothers.


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Richard Dawson.

Picked up on him via Marc Riley, of 6 Music fame and previously, Radio 1.

Think this is brilliant and the lyrics are just fabulous.

Love it .😍


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Listened to the compilation album 'Glass Arcade' by Sarah Records earlier for the first time... Introduced me to this gem

Right up my melancholic, sad twee street :)


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Brown noise (Google it) on my headphones whilst the GLW watches Corrie on catch-up.
She can watch the telly, I can read Jack Reacher. IN THE SAME ROOM.

Brown noise on headphones, literally a game changer!

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