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He'll still start Kane on Sunday.

Mr Panda

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Ollie Watkins kids right now watching this interview

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Sky Blue Harry H

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Still think Spain will turn us over, but at least by it not going into extra time, we have a better chance of a result.


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I'd fucking love Southgate to win it and shove the trophy right up Lineker's arse!!!

Honestly, Southgate has had so much stick, but just keeps being 100% professional and keeps finding a way to win.


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Do we start Watkins on Sunday or keep him as impact sub?

think Kane played well in first half, but could really do with Watkins pressing energy from the start against Spain


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Not even English but super pleased for you lot. Think you'll do it against the Spaniards.

Funny, everyone (not sure on here, not read this thread once) slagging Southgate on social media. A few bad/boring games but your most successful manager bar Ramsey, and he's got you into successive Euro finals.

Fair play.


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And I'd still start Kane. Captain, record scorer, smashed one of Europe's Top 5 leagues last season (after doing it in arguably the best one for years), pissed on pressure tonight with that pen....bit of a quiet patch but you can't drop him for the final.


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Fuck any pessimism shite, we’re going to stuff those paella munching bastards.

Take back anything back I’ve said about Gareth all tournament, bloody love the guy (although still think it’s time to step aside after the final no matter what)


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I know they say keep politics out of football, but it's funny we start playing well the minute Labour get into power isn't it.


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And if we lose, waiting for the declarations that we'd have won by eight if only we had Ancelotti, Guardiola, or Slade in charge.
No I think actually we go into this final as slight underdogs tbh .

I actually think Southgate should be very proud of how he set us up tonight first half , and his subs won us the game in the end .. he struggled to counter the Dutch changes second half mostly although they never really looked like scoring

He beat a world top 10 team in a semi final

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