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Too busy celebrating to even take it in how good of a finish that was from Watkins

beautiful finish from a hard angle, it’s perfect. Unsaveable even


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Excellent finish, brilliant game management right at the end from the whole team. No panic whatsoever. Southgate made the right changes at the right time. Well done to everyone!


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Played much better tonight and more importantly had a lot of luck with the pen and all the decisions going out way. Great finish by Watkins, running in behind, and a nice assist by Palmer.

We're destined to beat Spain and win it.


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Brilliant goal by Watkins. I must admit I think he is a really good player and should have played more for England. Difficult decision whether he starts on Sunday. I suspect Kane will start though.


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Superb finish. Should probably start Watkins in the final tbh.

Don't see us beating Spain, thought Netherlands were pretty poor tonight.

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