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Mucca Mad Boys

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I like him but agree he's a bit one paced, depends what we want him to do / how we want to play though.

My concern with Mowatt is his durability, he’s likely to miss 1/4 of the season year in, year out.

In my view, if we keep Sheaf we need to get a player who’s more of a playmaker besides him. If that’s Torp, great and that’s TBC as things stand. It’s been my view all season that we’ve lacked something since Hamer has left.

Generally, I think we look better on the counter and we’ve got the pace to really damage teams. EMC, Saka, MVE, Simms and Wright - the foundations are there. Another 1-3 options out wide, AM and ST and it’s looking really good.

Matt smith

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Alex mowatt would be a great signing to compliment what we have

bossed the midfield for boro first leg and for west brom against us


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Mowatt or Swift would be great addition to the team, considering we tried to sign Swift last time can see us going in again.

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