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Jun 28, 2017
City fans love someone to knock with Burge now long gone it’s Shipleys turn they even seem disappointed if he has a decent game . Put Shipley up for sale there will be a queue for him. In my opinion he will blossom again in the championship as he did in division two and one.
So true; there is the the need of some (including the usual suspects on here) to find a player to criticise and blame. And then continuously want to be proven right with their original negative view. Even after that player leaves the club (Burge), some still want to stick the boot in. Totally classless.

In pre-season; Giles was pinpointed as someone who couldn't defend and some online moron predicted that JJ would be in non-league.

So far in the Championship, Marosi, Allen, McFadz and Shipley have been singled out by some on here. We're two games into the new season following an amazing promotion and more than holding our own - perhaps give the lads a break and support the team?
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