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Wouldn’t be able to stomach fellow fans preferring to lose. Proper weird.
Especially with Champions League football being still mathematically possible with a victory.

Very odd.


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Think that sums up what's wrong with football. Your keeper gets wiped out and is potentially seriously injured. Not one player goes over to check on him or call for the doctor, they're too busy running up to the ref to demand a card


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Nauseating. It’s like the dickhead faction of our fans saying it didn’t matter that we lost this weekend because Wasps/Villa/Leicester/Sunderland did too.


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Keepers clearly playing on it as if there was contact with his head the ref would have had him gone , football is nonsense at times

Paul Anthony

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Few tantrums being thrown in the dugout tonight, at least Ederson's not got to pay for a new seat though!

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