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Jul 8, 2016
We've shared the same Nike kits as them in the past, but Malaga's new home kit looks very familiar...



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May 16, 2013
I went into the club shop earlier today for a nose, and asked when the new kits were likely to be issued. The (very helpful) lady behind the counter said that they hadn’t even reached the warehouse yet and once they arrived there they’d have to be badged up etc. Now looking as though it’ll be mid-October unfortunately.

I also asked about when the rest of the training gear was likely to be available online and apparently there was a ‘big meeting’ about it yesterday. There’s some decent stuff in the shop and the club are potentially missing out on a large amount of potential revenue at present by not having it online. Hopefully it’ll be resolved in the near future.

I initially went in to get a closer look at the grey tracksuit but they only had large and above available. Delivery of more stock was due today but it hadn’t shown. Now expected to be Monday. A lot of the blame is being apportioned to Covid although I’d hazard a guess that securing our sponsorship so late in the day was a contributing factor.
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