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That’s a lot of money for us to be spending…


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Their fans seem happy about it from what I can see but his goal scoring record for them is phenomenal.

USA international too.


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No. He got 15 goals. Top scorer had 29.

All the initial reaction I've seen is Antalya have done brilliantly to get such a fee. He scores goals but isn't actually that impressive a striker.
I’ve been impressed by him when I’ve watched him so maybe I’ve just caught him on good days


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Used to play in the Danish Superliga, will be very surprised if this is true and the amount is accurate.


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0 Goals in 22 games in the Dutch Eredivisie.

Kastaneer was far in excess of that wasn't he? :unsure:


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We’d probably get a ton of random interest from the US.


San Francisco

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Tall, fast, strong and has a very good goalscoring record. Doubt the amount is actually 9m though. It's probably half that + add ons.


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Ain't he the guy who scored that random heel flick goal in the world cup?

Didn't look anything special tbh but 11m I'm trusting the recruitment team! Exciting

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