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Ok looking at Italy today and the rapid spread could this now mess up the season

Serie A games off in Italy

Any thoughts ? It may happen in fact more likely than not

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but that would mess up my bet of us winning , unless they award a point for all un Iplayed games !
No. You simply end the season where you are now, and promotion and relegation are based on that, and are carried forward to May. Excellent.


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Would be apt, given the medical name of the virus is COVID-19. Hopefully the name has nothing to do with the player holding that squad number, Jordan Ponticelli!


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I'm also worried that Coriolanus could scupper our season. It's not performed often - what if it's suddenly put on in Stratford and it somehow disrupts our play?


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Do any of us really know on this.
From memory Sars didn't stop any activity in the UK .
That ran.out of steam after around 6 months.
They're saying this is likely to run In some form for Up to another year .
Economic implications are pretty bleak for travel,events , hotel industries.
Six Nations could be buggered.
Questions raised over Ireland v Italy fixture due to coronavirus

Was the whole point of the question mate , especially after Serie A games off


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I reckon anyone who has foreign holiday booked in the summer is screwed , it won’t rinse through till the end of the year hence all travel stocks plummeted today , sorry to bring bad news but the money markets are a bell weather for everything

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