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    When Coventry were sent to Northampton, the fans revolted . .

    From The Herald in Scotland - just today.... "Those Saturday afternoons spent in self-imposed exile will be tough to contend with. The threats issued and bleak scenarios painted by a club board panicking over revenue streams drying up will prey on your darkest fears and tug at your emotions...
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    Cardiff Match Thread

    The 'Soccerbase' take on tonight and on Elvis and Huddersfield. More misery on cards for Elvis and Sky Blues fans COVENTRY need ‘something a little bit different', according to boss Steven Pressley, if they are to put up a decent challenge this season. How about new owners, a new...
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    Have sisu paid the £100 000 grand yet ?

    Martin Reeves sent this email to council workers a week ago. "We have received notification that the Judge responsible for hearing the Judicial Review against the Council has rejected permission for Sisu (and its related companies) to appeal against his Judgement. Mr Justice Hickinbottom has...
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    Bad news: negotiations are not taking place

    Michael, keep plugging away. ANYTHING that keeps the attention on Sisu, negotiations etc, has got to be good.
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    Dear Sky Blue Trust

    Let's see - 'Torchomatic' - doesn't like opinions - so comes out with sarky 'Chubby Checker' comments. Seems a shade 'divisive' to me. One of a string of them to various posters from Mr. Torch. Expressing a view (somehow NOPM was brought into the talk - I certainly haven't mentioned it.) There...
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    Dear Sky Blue Trust

    Buster, you'll get opposition to your idea because the Sixfield few don't want their game of football spoiled. The boycott is definitely working. Pathetic crowds. Why else would Sisu be desperately sending out low budget deals every few days to the people on their database? It's hurting them...
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    Dear Sky Blue Trust

    The bit about mass protest outside Sixfields makes sense. Outside Sixfields. Something really organised.
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    Dear Sky Blue Trust

    They aren't 'turning on city supporters.' They are calling for 'a complete boycott of City matches at Sixfields.' Stop twisting things.
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    Marcus Tudgay training with Coventry City

    LB87, how many fans go away? 500 - 1,000 is the average most away games. I go to the majority of away games, but it is expensive for the average fan. You can kiss goodbye to £50 no problem. For a lot of people that's beyond them.
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    Kevin Kyle

    Good luck to the bloke. He gets out of bed and works for his family.
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    pressley breaks rank

    Kevin, you know with a little success this big city would get pretty decent gates. If we were challenging at the top end of this 'Third Division' & playing at the Ricoh, the crowds would be in excess of 20,000. I'll leave you to work out the sums on that over a season or two. And heavens above...
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    pressley breaks rank

    Martcov...."Why should we want it to be a gold mine anyway? I would rather we have sports fans as owners who would be happy with little or no financial return, but with achieving sporting success." You and me too Martcov. But meanwhile, back on planet Coventry, we have Sisu. They just don't...
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    Next Season team at the moment

    By my reckoning we have 18 senior players. That includes Lee Burge and Ryan Haynes. The rest are kids. Jack Finch & co. (I'd be delighted if he breaks through and does well). It's threadbare really isn't it. It would be terrific to get upbeat but the true picture has got to be looked out. Out...
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    pressley breaks rank

    Tony. Absolutely. You got it.