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    Todd Kane interview in The Sun

    Earlsdon. Student nights in Cambridge. So you are the brains on here !
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    Things that annoy you

    Also if you holiday in a company caravan, be prepared for the benefit in kind tax bill if you are higher rate, the 40% will probably be in line with what you could pick up your own choice of holiday for
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    Millwall ratings

    He creates so much space for others. Is that so hard to see ?
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    Why is our passing so poor in the final third?

    I think it’s the pace we play at. It’s split second decisions
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    Match Thread Millwall (A) Match Thread

    MillwAll top. We would have if we won
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    Match Thread Millwall (A) Match Thread
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    Match Thread Millwall (A) Match Thread

    I think the 4-1 was a top of the table clash
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    Bright and Robins

    He is as talented as many in this league Unfortunately his desire and application are miles behind The next kevin thorntom
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    A Cardiff fans view

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    Why our start is so important

    probably need another 30 points in 39 games - so would need an epic disaster to keep you from being happy . I wish my Mrs was so easily pleased
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    Why our start is so important

    New years Day Match is against Luton at home and will be our 26th game of the season At this stage we would probably need to be on or around 41 points to be in play off contention This is 26 points from the next 19 games or something like Win 7 Draw 5 Lose 7 So to be in the race going into...
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    Gus's Yellows

    The only thing he needs to bring back is the eye for goal - he is getting to the edge of the box and always looking for the pass - He knows where the goal is - he and others (Dabo/ O Hare) need to have a few more long range shots
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    A Cardiff fans view

    fully agree = QPR/Middlesbrough/Cardiff would have been in everybodys mix for play off challengers
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    A Cardiff fans view

    Injuries to kelly. godden. Hit woodwork 4 times, Missed a penalty Our X goals is 3rd best, and our x goals against is second best I would suggest if anything we are unlucky so far
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    Gus's Yellows

    O hare and Maastsen also both on 3