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    U18/U21 Development Thread

    Saw on Facebook that Stretton’s 14yo brother made his U18s debut yesterday. Another talented sky blue family.
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    City's top 5 earners

    Is this based on FIFA or something? Because I'm pretty sure that's bollocks.
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    Robins is turning Walker into JCH 2.0. A great penalty box striker that MR has no idea how to use because our strikers have to work out of possession and be involved in build-up play. Watch us sell him to League 1 and instantly turn back into a 20-goal striker because he'll finally get service.
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    Match Thread Bournemouth away

    We haven't even filled out the bench. Brilliant.
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    Thierry Katsukunya

    Really annoying that Villa have decided to become an academy powerhouse.
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    Their Red Card

    It only ended up being a trip because he just missed planting his studs into Maatsen's leg. That was his intention. Definite red.
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    Promotion with Terms

    I'm happy with loans, as long as they're players with real talent. An attacking midfielder with pace and skill on the ball is critical IMO.
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    JCS and Maatsen are so much more exposed when Sheaf doesn't start. It should be obvious to everyone now.
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    U18/U21 Development Thread

    Nope. Can't turn pro until 17. But he definitely would've had a contract already agreed.
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    U18/U21 Development Thread

    Definitely can. Ivor Lawton knew he was getting a Pro deal at 15. Clubs use it to nail down top prospects.
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    Championship 21/22

    Mitrovic signed a new £100,000 per week deal with Fulham in the summer. Ridiculous money for the Championship. Sky miss out again as Conte's Tottenham bow in the PL won't be on TV
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    I fear Walker is turning into JCH 2.0. A fantastic penalty box striker that Robins struggles to use because the attackers in his system have to work outside the box and in build-up play.
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    Brights contract cancelled

    Good. Hopefully means we can get a loan in January to push O’Hare
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    Swansea (H) - Tuesday 2nd - 19:45

    Hope no-one tells Swansea that we do too
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    What is our best team

    This has perplexed me too. It's like Allen was made the scapegoat after the Luton debacle.