We’re back in today for training ! (1 Viewer)


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After a well deserved break , we have now got 6 sessions to work out a system that suits this collection of players , before the physicality of Millwall !


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4-4-6-6-8 , unconventional but it might just work 🤔
Maybe we can sneak some shorter players on, with one standing on the others shoulders in a big shirt. Then, when the ref isn’t looking, they can detach and et voila!

I think we could go at least 5 minutes without being rumbled.


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I would give it a go first and see how we get on .. failing that I would revert to a
6-6-8-8-20 -1 playing the tea lady as a loan striker
Who’s she on loan from? Tetley’s women’s over 55’s 5-aside on a Wednesday at the local run-down community centre?

Sounds good, she can distract the opposition with offers of Rich Tea biscuits, while we pile forward and manage a few shots high and wide.


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10-0-0 park the bus, pass side to side and play for another 0-0. “If you cannot win just don’t lose” seems to be the strategy of late.

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