Top Scorers in All leagues

Cheshire Sky Blue

New Member
Aug 12, 2013
At the start of the season with -10 pts, just how many of us would have considered even remotely possible that at this stage of the season we would not only be out of the relegation zone but also the highest goal scorers in all the league. Great credit has to go to SP and the whole footballing side of CCFC.

I hope that it is only a matter of time that SISU come to their senses, and that ACL / CCC have the spirit and goodwill to strike a deal to get back to the RICOH.

This side and the management team deserve support. The Fans of CCFC deserve to be reunited again and allowed to show that support.

Come on Fisher & Seppala, show you have the character and wisdom required to be custodians of THE great institution that is COVENTRY CITY FOOTBALL CLUB.
Come on ACL / CCC take the lead, offer the olive branch and the sun will shine again in our Coventry homes.


Aug 8, 2010
i think sisu should swap fisher with steve waggott. looks like he knows his onions.