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Isn't it the same at any ground?

Do shit- atmosphere declines
Do well - atmosphere improves.
Yeah, basically that with expectation as the overarching control. This season expectations have gone up and people are tense that we're not doing much of it.

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The years back in the Ricoh has been the atmosphere has been brilliant. That season before they started clamping down on people moving round to 14/15/16 was unreal at times. I understand why they had to do it, safety, etc but I think it has lost a step.

If we start playing well and go on a bit of a run, the place will really go up a notch.

Talking of the CBS, I see they have started to jet wash the outside of the stadium 🏟️


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Then get up in the spring bung a coat of 50/50 on it with a splash petrol like we used to on roots during the summer break 40-50 yrs back.

Sky Blue Harry H

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I heard Doug replaced the DJ with ChatGPT to cut costs.

Robins wasn’t happy, said “stop right now, thank you very much. I need somebody with the human touch”


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Last nights pre match appeared to have a new addition - the spice girls!!

who on earth puts these play lists together? 🤦🏻‍♂️😂

Someone who hasn't got a clue how to create an atmosphere at a football stadium. 🙈


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Probably some wannabe
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This and Enjoy Yourself being played at the end I like. More cov uniqenenss. I noticed Ipswich did something before kickoff as well are they copying us or the other way around?

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