Teen charged Bobby Charlton Chant (1 Viewer)


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Obviously a bit of a dickhead thing to do, but hasn't really harmed anyone, almost kind of expected. He was a great player from their closest rivals, are we really going to waste limited police resources on this?

They were singing about Bobby being in a box, how does that differ from Liverpool fans singing Lizzies in a box after the queen died or even Sunderland fans singing it to us about Jimmy? It's distasteful and wrong, but how do they decide what is acceptable? Presumably if 3 sing it arrest them, if 3000 sing it, ignore them.

And before anyone calls me a hypocrite, I do think it's different levels from those 2 Wednesday idiots about Bradley, although even there still believe arrest and lifetime bans for even that abhorrent behaviour is too much.


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It seems like social media outrage is the main way for the police to decide whether it’s an arrestable offence or not.

The idea of someone being arrested for doing something similar outside a football stadium seems almost inconceivable to me and it’s bizarre that other supporters are apparently relaxed about it.


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Really? Can't these things be sorted with a quick "word" there and then. Tell them their being idiots, maybe a quick slap from someone near-by?


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So ridiculous. Living players get abuse to their faces every week, but doing it to a dead one is suddenly a crime?

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