Statement on behalf of the Sky Blues Talk online forum.

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Jul 15, 2010
South Yorkshire
Statement on behalf of the Sky Blues Talk online forum.

Sky Blues Talk is a forum of 7500 members; it is the oldest and one of the largest online Coventry City Football Club (CCFC) fan communities. 371 members responded to a recent survey, with 98.4% confirming that they fully support this statement.

We, as members of Sky Blues Talk, would like to express our disappointment and frustration with all parties who have contributed to Coventry City playing its home games outside the city that bears its name.

We call upon Wasps RFC to drop any request that CCFC (or its owners) indemnify Wasps against potential or actual costs and losses incurred by them as a result of the State Aid case currently being considered by the European Commission. If the European Commission decides that the sale of the Ricoh Arena to Wasps contravenes State Aid regulations, then this will have been through no fault of CCFC; if CCFC were to agree to indemnify Wasps, the size of any likely financial settlement would in all likelihood bankrupt the club we all love so much.

Equally, we call upon Sisu as owners of CCFC to recommit to halting all legal action surrounding the sale of the Ricoh Arena, as it did prior to last year’s talks regarding playing home games at the Ricoh Arena for the 2019-2020 season. Any continued legal action by Sisu is a roadblock to repairing the relationships required to find CCFC a home in Coventry, either temporarily at the Ricoh Arena or if necessary, in any new stadium (which will obviously require support of the city).

We are very disappointed in the recent press release (dated 15th January 2020) from the Sky Blue Trust. The bewildering absence of any mention of the request by Wasps for financial indemnity by CCFC leaves many members of our community wondering if the Sky Blue Trust can legitimately claim to represent CCFC supporters’ interests in an unbiased manner.

We need to be back playing our home games in Coventry. Staying away is playing Russian roulette with our future and our existence

We acknowledge that our fans have different opinions on whether to travel to St Andrews this season and we hold no grudge against any fan attending or not attending. It is a personal choice for every individual.

We would like to praise Mark Robins and the CCFC squad for continuing the hard job of rebuilding the playing side of the club and turning us into an attractive winning team deserving of a far wider match day audience than has yet been seen in Birmingham.

Finally, we plead with all elements of the media to challenge misleading claims and hold private and public bodies to account to ensure they actively pursue a resolution to the current impasse, and to help facilitate a move back to Coventry without delay.

For further information, questions or comments please contact me on
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Sky Blue Pete on behalf of the Sky Blues Talk Community
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