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Vidigal is 3 yards out & unmarked with keeper out of position. He could have just headed it into a pretty empty net tbf but, for some reason, decided to turn his back & go for the spectacular. Couldn't believe what I was seeing. Surprised his manager didn't hook him there & then.
It was a big chance - total cock-up from Kitching and Bidwell who left him totally unmarked.


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Some more expected/predicted things likely to piss people off, this time from Opta

Championship Expected Points nov 14

Championship Predictor Nov 14



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On the xG front we had the better xG for the last two games.

We've got the 6th highest total xG in the league from open play and the 9th highest from set pieces. We underperform xG from open play but overperform (despite the criticism of Eccles) from set pieces.

6th lowest xG against this season from open play.

Stylistically not a million miles from Ipswich:


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