Something different for a change

Cheshire Sky Blue

New Member
Aug 12, 2013
Timmy Fisher was driving away from shitfields when he hears a crunch beneath his tyres. He gets out, sees that he's run over a large dog and thinks "Oh no, that’s Hector!" Suddenly, a Genie appears and says "Young man, this is your lucky day. I'll grant you one wish." The man replies "Thank Goodness! Can you put Hector back together?" "No feckin chance mate" replies the Genie. "It's flat, it's got pieces missing and its leg is where it's arse should be! Pick something else." Timmy pauses, and says "OK then, can you make Joy, Mark and me popular, respected and admired by everyone in Coventry?" The Genie says "Tell ya what, let’s have another look at that dog."