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For logistics I'd say The Village by Hearsall Common. Big gym and not far from the ground.

Yes they did stop there

M&B Stand

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Used to really enjoy the six nations, January out the way, bit of sport and and a bit of patriotism to start off the year.
Now I can’t stand it. Wasps killed my enjoyment of rugby, I imagine it’s the sort of crowd that followed Wasps. Horrible fookers. To the point I want England to lose games to annoy the posh boys.
Slightly Irrational I know.


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Nothing marks England being shite at something better than Scotland being the favourites. Inexcusable given the resources

A consequence of the Premiership and it's protected status,game is fooked while it carries on!

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Also why is it that the 6N always ends on St Patrick’s Day weekend? Do Ireland need any more help?

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