Sisu's interests in line with the fans interests

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    The headline doesn't really match what was said. They've just taken one part out of context to get people to click on it as it sounds ridiculous.

    What has actually been said by Shaun Harvey (EFL Chief Exec) is pretty much correct. The EFL look to see that there are funds available to cover the next 12-18 months but can't force owners to spend on the playing squad. SISU's interest is a financial one and the way they get their money back is for the club to be successful, that's where he says their interests, the club being successful, are in line with the fans. As Harvey says when success doesn't occur that's when you get problems.

    Haven't heard the original broadcast on Talksport so just going off this report but the biggest issue for me is that Jim White doesn't follow up on what happens when you don't get success and end up in the kind of mess we are in. Do the EFL allow the club to cease to exist rather than give the option to move again if Wasps continue to refuse to talk. Golden opportunity missed to try and get a clear answer on that.
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