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They are currently ranked as the worlds number one, FFS! But you would not have believed that for 70 of the 80 minutes today.
Tremendous from England, great tenacity and perseverance from SA but 'deserving'?
It's sport and as we all know all that counts is the result, but lucky teams do win and that was witnessed tonight.

Well yes, deserving on the basis that they are and (imho) in the end were the better team.

I don't see it as luck, they dominated the scrum in the second half, scored the only try, and punished the few mistakes that England made.

Let's be honest, we barely threatened with ball in hand and couldn't deal with their power in the scrum in the second half.

We certainly played a clever kicking game and competed well at the breakdown, but I didn't see very much else. I'm chuffed that we didn't get stuffed and we played far better than I thought we could, but personally I don't think it was luck that cost us the game.


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We were a lot better than I expected, but was sickening.

Once the changes were made to the packs, SA dominated and we looked like giving away penalties (even though I still don't get why one team gets it and the other doesn't. SA were clearly trying to make us collapse the scrum and so were as responsible for it happening.)

Was really annoyed with Farrell holding the ball giving them a kick in range and that final kick that went up and under rather than just clearing it deep into SA territory and making them build from there.

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