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Anyone else keep getting a message to accept recommended cookies ?
Why is there no reject all button?

if you look through the list of legitimate interest it takes about 200 taps to remove every single one 🙄🤬

this day and age most sites now have a reject all button, albeit slightly hidden or in black rather than green.

Very time consuming when you visit on different devices, rant over 🤬


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I get it every month or so and go through them all rejecting but accepted this time as Ive been having problems on chrome with buttons not working etc.

Thought it might be a functional cookie problem but still have the same issues for example on the O'Hare to Leicester thread I can't click on page 2 or next page link.

Sick Boy

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Same here, I’d prefer to reject all but it’s not feasible to do so. There should be a single click button to reject all with nothing being pre-selected for you.

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