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    Jun 28, 2017
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    A dominant and pleasing performance after the first 10 minutes.......

    Burge 9. 3 fantastic saves and what a comeback after Burton. All credit to him.

    Sterling 7. Decent enough in defence but not in early season form in attack.
    Willis. 9. Dominant. Pace. Good enough for the Championship.
    Hyam. 8. Class. Great partnership with Willis.
    Mason. 6. I like him but not at his best right now. Brown looked great when he came on.

    Thomas. 6. Hope he's ok. Not having the influence we saw earlier in the season. Still a threat and outlet.
    Kelly. 9. Outstanding. Bossed the game.
    Bayliss. 7. Not at his best. But balances our midfield. Links the play.
    Bright. 8. Just love watching him play. A cut above. Always looking for the ball. We're a better team with Bright's control, ability to drive forward with the ball and vision.

    AB. 7. Calm finish. Decent.
    Hiwula. 7. Would like to see him more involved but he has quality.

    Brown 8. Worth a start. Confidence is back.
    Shipley. 8. Another one written off by many. Balanced the team nicely when he came on.

    Robins 9. This season he's had to deal with the sale of McNulty, the injury to Jodi Jones (would have been a key man), Ogogo and Andreu being nowhere near expectations and the tricky departures of Doyle and JCH. Despite all of that.......... we're just 1 point off the play-offs. Calm and assured management.
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    Dec 15, 2015
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    Burge - 9: Played insanely well today. Spilled one but other than that did a massive part in us getting the 3 points.

    Sterling - 6: Been playing pretty poorly really. Wasn't terrible but made me a bit nervous. Think Grimmer deserves a chance now.

    Willis- 8: Solid.

    Hyam - 8: see above.

    Mason - 6: Needs a rest. He's looking shakey quite a a lot now.

    Thomas - 7: Can't finish his dinner. But pretty good otherwise. Hope he's ok.

    Hiwula - 6.5: Did quite well. Missed a couple of sitters though. Another day that'll cost us.

    Kelly - 8.5: Ran the midfield. He's probably our most important player.

    Bayliss - 5: People need to stop defending him. He's far too weak in the middle and cost us another goal again today.

    Enobakhare - 8: Some amazing stuff at times. Equally does overplay it sometimes. He's a good link between midfield and up top for sure.

    Bakayoko - 8: Got fire in his belly at the moment. Keep it up!

    Brown and Shipley were fine when they came on.

    Referee and his assistants need to have a word with themselves.
  3. Pete in Portugal

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    Mar 26, 2011
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    Burge 8 - some great saves which kept us in the match in 1st half. Coped pretty well with the wind and used it to his advantage in 2nd half
    Sterling 5 - seemed to have an off day
    Willis 9 - used his pace well and kept a cool head under pressure
    Hyam 7 - looked very steady alongside Willis especially considering he has missed a lot of training
    Mason 5 - was lively in attack but struggled with high balls in defence
    Thomas 6 - I hope he's OK - had a quiet game until he was taken out by a very high kick in the face
    Kelly 8 - ran the mid-field for long periods
    Bayliss 6 - worked very hard - should have shot when clean through instead of passing
    Bright 7 - sometimes frustrating when he kept taking an extra touch, but was a handful for them
    Bakayoko 6 - seemed really up for it and probably his best game for us so far - looked tired towards the end
    Hiwula 7 - used his pace and control well and was always a threat

    Brown 7 - tightened up the left hand side of our defence
    Shipley 7 - slotted in well and worked hard as soon as he came on

    Ref: 0 - how an earth did he and his linesman miss the penalty?
  4. stevefloyd

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    Jan 16, 2013
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    I panned him last week but great cool finish by Baka, still think he could do more off the ball though, Burge very good display but Kelly my MOTM ..bossed the midfield today, Sterling Bayliss both quite poor but hey another 3 magnificent points and our 8th away win
  5. covcity4life

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    Apr 16, 2010
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    Burge 9 other than 1 twrrible rebound he was brilliant

    Mason 6
    Willis 9 captain dependable
    Hyam 9 what a first gsme back
    Sterling 6 defended well. Attack will come back
    Kelly 9 another midfield masterclass
    Bayliss 6
    Thomas 6
    Hiwulla 6
    Bright 8
    Baka 7

    Shipley 6
    Brown 6
  6. SAJ

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    Dec 10, 2017
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    Burge 8
    Sterling 6
    Willis 8
    Hyam 7
    Mason 6
    Thomas 6
    Bayliss 6
    Kelly 8 mom
    Hiwula 7
    Bright 6
    Baka 7

    Brown 7
    Shipley 7
  7. stupot07

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    Mar 20, 2011
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    Burge 9 MOTM.
    Sterling 6
    Willis 8
    Hyam 8
    Mason 6
    Kelly 8.5
    Bayliss 7
    Thomas 6
    Bright 7
    Hiwula 7.5
    Bakayoko 8

    Shipley 6
    Brown 7

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  8. Londonccfcfan

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    Oct 12, 2015
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    Spot on Ratings, mine would be almost the same.

    Burge 8
    Sterling 6 ....I think he could do with a rest. Natural for young man in his first season. He didn’t do badly though.
    Willis 9...had Godden in his pocket.
    Hyam 8.Glad to see him back.
    Mason 7.. Was ok, but Browns stood out when he’s replaced him. Tough decision.
    Thomas 8..one of his better games till he got injured. Good assist and worked tirelessly.
    Kelly.9..Motm..what a player, improved so much beyond doubt. He is the man.
    Bayliss. 8. Quality.put his foot in today. Wanted the ball.
    Hiwula. 8
    Bright 8..So much abiltity, still infuriates, but is the X factor.
    Baka.8. Brilliant performance, Strength and power, took his goal well. Unlucky to his 2nd disallowed imo.

    Robins 10. Good brave decision leaving out Meyler , Davies.although I think Grimmer should have come on for Sterling.

    Sky blue army.10. Immense.
  9. Littlewood CCFC

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    Nov 29, 2012
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    Burge 9 - Handled the conditions miles better than their keeper. Please for him as the stick he got last Friday was ridiculous.

    Sterling 6 - Gone off it the last few weeks, kept losing his headers and looked the weak link today but still stayed solid enough overall
    Willis 8 - His pace gets us out the shit a lot! marked down for usual shit distribution especially in the 1st half
    Hyam 9 - Not sure how many fans would of guessed how important this guy would be at the start of the season, class again today.
    Mason 7 - Same as Sterling really not as good as was a few weeks ago but was good today

    Thomas 7 - Worked hard, think teams are figuring him out a bit now but i cant fault his effort he chases all the lost causes down the channels
    Kelly 9 - Got stuck in all afternoon and helped see the game out with his experience
    Bayliss 7 - Got bullied sometimes but when he carries the ball out of midfield he's class
    Hiwula 8 - Great outlet, was better on the ball with back to goal today too.

    Bright 9 - Guy's unreal, too good for L1
    Baka 8 - Worked hard and put himself about and yet he makes some silly mistakes at times. Good to see Robins having faith in him though and as his confidence has grew he seems to be becoming a good asset for us.
  10. Adge

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    Jun 26, 2015
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    Burge 8 1 or 2 wayward kicks but a good all round goalkeeping display-more of the same please, oh and an assist! Coped much better with the wind than his opposite. I noticed Robins congratulating him at the end too which will give him confidence too.

    Sterling 6 Not a great day-Maybe needs a rest and Grimmer too start against Oxford.

    Mason 6 Anorher who looks like he needs a rest but not too disappointing on the whole until he was forced off with the injury.

    Willis 8 Didn’t put a foot wrong and had them in his pocket.

    Hyam 8 See Willis.

    Thomas 6 Earlier form has deserted him if later but a great ball through to Baka for his goal.

    Bayliss 5 Was fairy anonymous all afternoon. I didn’t really notice him, maybe others around him just played better?

    Kelly 8 Man of the match-was involved in everything good about us -bossed the midfield and was unlucky with the free kick that hit the bar. Great leader at the minute.

    Bright 8 Really coming to the fore-one criticism is maybe tries to go past his man once to many but dangerous with his ability/good feet. Even had time to pretend to do up his laces on one occasion in the second half with the ball at his feet by the touch line! Not sure Robins would have endorsed that though.

    Hiwula 7 Thought he had another reasonable game-should have put the chance away in the first half when in on the keeper though.

    Baka 8 Is turning into this season’s Biamou who is having a run in the side and coming good at the right time. Must say I didn’t fancy him at the beginning of the season but is currently proving me wrong. Chased/harassed/worked really hard and a great composed finish when it mattered just before half time. Should of had another too but was ruled out for a push.

    Subs Brown 7 Time for him to come back in I think-could have thrown his dummy out of the prom but put in a shift when he came on-good talker aswell which is what was/is needed to see the game out.

    Shipley 6 Done what was needed and slotted in well in the time he was on.

    Robins 9 I thought he got everything spot on-what a great fit he is for this club. I thought last week after the Burton game when he mentioned the crowd that it was a bit nieve and can have a negative impact for relationships. But we all “rose together” and was great to see him acknowledge that at the end.

    Fans 9 Great support and endorsements from the home fans/home end says it all really.
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